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Integral Elaboration Glass Bottle Mexico
Integral Manufacture Bottle Of Glass Mexico

Manufactures of Glass Bottle in Mexico

Manufactures Glass Bottles MexicoIn Grupo Industrial Saavedra we have technical personnel specialized in manufacture molds and industrial glass accessories through any of the following process: blow, blow-press, axial, verty-flow, pressed, centrifuge and light blow molds.  In addition, our plant is equipped with state of the art C.N.C. machinery as well as specialized software for design which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Having an in-house foundry allows us to guarantee chemical and metallographic compositions as each order is poured on demand. As an added benefit to our customers, we provide a certificate of quality of the raw materials used and we guarantee specified usage results.

Industry and Business of Glass Bottle - Mexico

Industry Glass BottlesWe have the experience and machinery to produce quality molds in both regular and irregular shapes and with different types of engravement in high or low relief with our automated manufacturing process.

Thanks to the experience of our resident engineering experts as well as research and analysis of foundry department, we can offer our customers advice on the following: design, material selection, and mold calculation.

  • Alloys Irons
  • Ductil Irons
  • Bronze Nickel
  • Aluminium Bronze

These materials can be used in the blow processes: blow-blow, blow-pressed, axial, verty-flow and are assisted with or without a valve in the pouring. We can manufacture molds from 5ml through 20,000ml capacity.

Grupo Industrial Saavedra is a mexican business dedicated to Glass Bottle Industry.